CrossFit Exercises List

crossfit exercises list

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A CrossFit Exercises List for the enthusiastic CrossFitter! These CrossFit exercises are used in CrossFit training, workouts of the day (WODs), and will help you build insane strength. There are infinite variations of these CrossFit exercises, but the most common versions can be found on this list. Most exercises are linked to an instructional YouTube video, so you can check out the exact technique and movement of each CrossFit exercise. If you are a dedicated CrossFitter looking to improve your technique & PR for Clean & Jerks and Snatch, we highly recommend checking out the Olympic Weightlifting Plan by elite Olympic Lifting coach Diane Fu of FuBarbell. Scroll to the bottom for additional CrossFit links such as handstand & pistol squat tutorials, and our SMR/Mobility & Flexibility Guide.

CrossFit Exercises List:

  • Clean: A weight lift starting from the ground that requires using the upwards momentum of a deadlift, jump, and front squat to bring the weight up to the shoulders. Most commonly done with a barbell.
    • Kettlebell clean: A clean using a kettlebell.
    • Hang clean: A clean starting from the hanging position (standing upright, holding the barbell with straight arms &legs), instead of starting from the ground.
    • Power clean: A clean without dropping into a full front squat to catch the weight. A minimal jump and dip of the body separates a power clean from a regular clean.
    • Clean and jerkA full clean, then jerk the barbell overhead after arriving at the shoulders.
  • Triceps dip: Support yourself on shoulder-width handholds (usually parallel bars) with straight arms, bend the elbows to a 90-degree angle, then straighten arms.
    • Ring dip: A triceps dip on gymnastics rings.
  • Jerk: A lift starting from the shoulders & ending overhead, using the upward momentum of a hip thrust.
    • Push jerk: Lifting the weight overhead in combination with two small dips in the knees to drive the weight upwards.
    • Split clean and jerk: A combination of the clean and the jerk, ending with a split foothold position.
  • Muscle up: A combination of a pull up to dip, which allows you to lift yourself up and over a handhold from a hanging position.
    • Bar muscle up: A muscle up using a pull-up bar.
    • Ring muscle up: A muscle up using the gymnastics rings.
  • Pull up: Starting from a hanging position, using your upper body strength to pull your chin up and over your handhold.
    • Front lever pull up: A pull up while holding your body in a horizontal line.
    • Jumping pull up: Quick, small pull ups in which your feet return back to the ground after each jump.
    • Kipping pull up: A pull up using added momentum from a “kip”, which uses extension & flexion of the body to provide a “swing”.
    • Weighted pull up: A pull up with a weight around your waist.
  • Push press: Pushing a weight from the shoulders to overhead in combination with a small dip in the knees.
    • Shoulder press: Pushing a weight from the shoulders to overhead, with no movement (no knee-dip) in the lower body.
    • Kettlebell press: A shoulder press using a kettlebell, done one arm at a time.
  • Push ups: From a plank position, lowering yourself to the ground and back up using your arms.
    • Modified push up: A push up with your knees on the ground, or with your hands on a raised surface (incline push up)
    • Handstand Push Up: From a handstand, bending your arms to lower your head to the ground, then back up.
  • Squat: Most commonly meaning a back squat, with a barbell resting on the shoulders, bending at the knees and sinking into a sitting position, then straightening back up.
    • Air squat: A full squat with no extra weight (barbell or dumbbells).
    • Overhead squat: A squat while holding a weight overhead.
    • Front squat: A squat with the barbell racked in the front, at shoulder level.
    • Jumping squats: Jumping upwards after rising from each squat.
    • Pistol: A one-legged squat that requires immense strength and balance.
  • Snatch: A lift that brings the weight from the ground up overhead while dropping into an overhead squat position, then rising out of the squat. Most commonly done with a barbell.
    • Dumbbell snatch: A snatch done with a pair of dumbbells.
    • Kettlebell snatch: A snatch done with a kettlebell.
    • Hang snatch: A snatch with the weight starting from a hang.
  • Ball slams: Lifting a weighted ball overhead, slamming it down, and picking it up immediately from the rebound.
  • Bench press: From a laying position on a bench, using your arms to raise and lower a barbell from the chest.
  • Box jump: Jump up and back down from a box (usually 20-24 inches high).
  • Burpee: Starting from a standing position, descend into a plank, do a chest-to-ground push up, then jump back up as high as you can & repeat.
  • Dumbbell split lift: Pushing a pair of dumbbells overhead in combination with a jump into a split foothold.
  • Deadlift: A barbell lift starting from the ground, in which one engages the legs and core to lift the weight from the ground to a hang.
  • Double under: Two turns of the jump-rope per jump.
  • Farmer’s Walk: Grab two heavy plates or dumbbells (one in each hand) and walk as far as you can without dropping them.
  • Handstand Push Ups: Push ups are pretty standard, but a handstand push up is extremely difficult. You must be able to push-press your own bodyweight before you can do a handstand push up. Click the link for handstand help.
  • Knees to elbows: Using your abdominal muscles to bring your knees to your elbows while in a hanging position.
  • Kettlebell swing: Swinging a Kettlebell through the range of motion from a hang to overhead.
  • Rope Climb: Climb up a rope. It’s helpful to learn the different foot-wraps for rope climbing, click on the link for instructions & tips.
  • Thruster: A barbell lift starting from shoulder height, in which one performs a front squat, then pushes the barbell overhead during the rise to standing position.
  • Toes to Bar: Using your abdominal muscles to bring your toes to the bar from which you are hanging by your hands.
  • Wall ball shot: With a weighted ball, descend into a squat, and heave the ball upwards at the wall during the upwards movement of the squat, then catch the ball on the rebound.
  • V-Up: From a lying position, use your abs to bring your arms and legs up to meet in the middle.

This list of CrossFit exercises is always growing! If you notice a CrossFit exercise is missing from this list, make sure to let me know and I’ll update it.

CrossFit Training Plans: Improve Your Skills

crossfit exercises olympic weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting Starter & Bundle

Difficulty:  Beginner to intermediate. This plan is more skill-based than strength-based, and some familiarity with basic barbell lifts is recommended.

Coach: Diane Fu from FuBarbell

Price: $19.99 for the starter alone, or $99.99 for the entire bundle

Workouts: 12 video tutorials on the Clean, Jerk, & Snatch

crossfit exercises introduction

Introduction to CrossFit

Difficulty: Novices & beginners. This plan aims to give you the strength & skills you need to feel confident before signing up at a CrossFit Gym.

Coach: Gina Gonella

Price: Free

Workouts: 5 on-ramp workouts, then 22 skill & strength-based workouts.

crossfit girls benchmark wods

Benchmark CrossFit WODs

Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced. These benchmark WODs are notoriously challenging, but can be scaled down to accommodate various fitness levels.

Coach: N/A

Price: Free

Workouts: 24 crossfit exercises learn pistol squat

Learn to Pistol Squat

Difficulty: Intermediate. A baseline level of strength is needed to perform the progressions taught in the video tutorials.

Coach: Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD

Price: Free

Workouts: 4 video tutorials of Pistol Squat progressions

crossfit exercises learn handstandLearn to Handstand

Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate. This plan is more skill-based than strength-based.

Coach: Patrick Beach of Patrick & Carling Yoga

Price: $14.99

Workouts: 7 video tutorials of Handstand progressions


crossfit exercises learn rope climbLearn to Rope Climb

Difficulty: Intermediate. A baseline level of strength is needed to perform these progressions

Coach: Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD

Price: $1.99

Workouts: 8 video tutorials with Rope Climb progressions


crossfit exercises kipping butterfly pull upLearn Kipping & Butterfly Pull Ups

Difficulty: Advanced. Must have previous experience with traditional pull ups, & some familiarity with kipping.

Coach: Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD

Price: $1.99

Workouts: 1 kipping pull up video, 4 butterfly pull up video progressions

crossfit exercises burpeeImprove Your Burpee

Difficulty: Beginner. Anybody & everybody can & should do burpees.

Coach: Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD

Price: Free

Workouts: 5 video tutorials



crossfit exercises mobility SMR

SMR & Mobility Guide

Difficulty: Beginner. No previous experience or skill is necessary.

Coach: Andrew Bueno of Foundation CrossFit

Price: $2.99

Workouts: 9 video tutorials


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