Beginner Barre Workout Routine

barre workout routine

 Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Barre Workout Routine for Beginners:

Bored with your current workout routine? Raise the bar on your fitness program with this beginner barre workout routine to help you get toned, fit, and flexible.

Beginner Barre Workout Routine:

Warm up: High knees and heel kicks

barre workout routineStand away from the barre with your arms held out to the side at shoulder level (For added intensity, hold a small weight in each hand). Begin by running in place with high knees (bring each knee as high and close to your chest as you can) for 1 minute. Then switch to heel kicks- run in place and kick your backside with your heels with each step. Alternate between the two in sets of 1 minute each, for 6 minutes total.

Triceps Shavers:

barre workout routineStand in first position, holding a small weight in each hand up and behind your head. Use your calves to raise yourself onto the balls of your feet, while simultaneously straightening your elbows and raising the weights up and above your head. Then slowly lower your heels back down, while also bending your elbows and lowering the weights behind your head. Do two sets of twenty of these triceps shavers.

Grande Battement: 

barre workout routine

Stand in fifth position, with a small weight in each hand and extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Sweep one foot up and off the floor to fully extend the leg in front of you. Try to completely isolate all movement to the leg (don’t let your back curve, or torso wiggle). Keep your arms out while you do 20 grand battements on each leg.



barre workout routine

Start in fifth position, put your weight on your front foot, then extend your back foot behind you. Find your balance, then sweep your back leg up and off the ground behind you, as high as you can without bending the leg. At the highest peak of your arabesque, hold your leg there, and pulse it up and down 5 times before lowering it. Do 2 sets of 15 arabesques on each leg.

Fourth to Second Position Saute:

barre workout routine

Stand away from the bar for this exercise. Begin by standing in fourth position, bend your knees and spring out to second position, then bend your knees and spring back in to fourth position on the other side, so that you have switched your front and back legs. With each jump, you should be pushing off of, and landing on your toes, minimizing the sound of each hop against the floor. Do 30 of these jumps total, 15 on each side

Barre Workout Basics:

Beginner Barre Workouts: