Announcing the Body & Spirit Yoga Bootcamp Bundle by Kerri Verna & Irene Pappas! This bundle features yoga-influenced workouts that challenge you to focus on both your physical and spiritual self.

Included in the Body & Spirit Yoga Bootcamp Bundle:

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This 10-day Be Strong yoga series with Kino MacGregor is an exploration of both the physical and the spiritual. The strength of Be Strong is not just brute force or muscular ability, it is about inner harmony and balance.

Preview Be Strong here.

About Be Strong:

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Announcing the Mobility & Flexibility Bundle by MacKenzie Miller!

This bundle is for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, range of motion and joint mobility. Flexibility is essential for any type of sport or activity as it opens up the body to new movements and transitions and increases muscular performance.

Preview the bundle here.

Included in the Mobility & Flexibility Bundle:

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Learn to Back Handspring with Austin Raye

Even if you don’t have a gymnastics background, this plan will provide you with step-by-step tutorials to learn this fun, dynamic movement! One of the best parts of learning to back handspring is that you will learn to STEER YOUR FEAR… to focus and channel your energy into positivity, strength and confidence.

Learn more about the plan here.

Included in Learn how to Back Handspring:

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exploreplans_framedDrumroll please! Today we are proud to announce Cody for Android has (finally) arrived.

This is a big step for the entire community as we welcome Android users to the CodyFam.

We know our iOS users have been waiting in suspense for the day they can invite their Android friends into the community, and now that day has arrived. Additionally, our Cody members with Android phones have been patiently waiting for this app, and we wanted to make sure we got it right.

profile_framedWe worked hard to thoughtfully design Cody for Android, aiming to tailor the app specifically to the nuances of the Android experience. In fact, we pushed even further past our current iPhone app. Cody for Android represents Cody 3.0; an update that will be rolled out to our iOS friends shortly as well.

Along with a sleeker design, Cody 3.0 brings your training plans front & center. We now show introduction videos, full coach biographies, and workout previews.


log_framedThis Android launch is a milestone in Cody’s growth. From our humble beginnings as a social fitness app, to a web marketplace for users to train with their favorite coaches, this Android app represents our commitment to helping all people achieve their fitness goals – no matter their location, finances, or schedule.

Android is here, and we’re so excited for you to be a part of it.

Get the app here.

The Strength Intelligence Bundle by Meghan Currie will teach you how to move, flow, hold, and fly with grace. By the end of the two-part series you will have the strength to maintain control, balance and grace while flowing through transitional poses, backbending, or while inverted.

Preview the Strength Intelligence Bundle here.

Included in the Strength Intelligence Bundle:

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Announcing the True Strength & Inversions bundle by Dylan Werner & Patrick Beach!

Train your body to defy gravity, develop holistic strength, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with this yoga bundle – the first of it’s kind.

Preview the bundle here.

Included in the True Strength & Inversions Bundle:

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This is a guest post courtesy of Anthony Colardo.

Maintaining a fit physique means more than spending hours working out. According to the National Weight Control Registry and the American Council on Exercise, only 1 percent of individuals who lost weight through exercise alone were able to keep it off after one year. In contrast, 89 percent of individuals who combined exercise and dietary restriction were able to maintain weight loss after one year. (Source) Continue Reading…

Bring the beach into your living room this fall! The Beach Yoga Body Bundle combines three programs to work in harmony to develop and build you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Preview the Beach Yoga Body Bundle here.

Included in the Beach Yoga Body Bundle:

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This Yoga Bootcamp Bundle is a two-month long program that’s progressive in nature, and includes two plans at different intensity levels. No equipment is required. Just your willingness to learn, burn, and sweat!

Preview the bundle here.

Included in the Yoga Bootcamp Bundle

  • 30-Day Yoga Bootcamp: This first phase is intended for beginners, where we will build the foundation of your strength and flexibility
  • 30-Day Yoga Bootcamp 2: This second phase will help you take it to the next level. The workouts are longer, more intense, and will leave you sweaty and out of breath!
  • Bonus! Nutrition Tips & Food Journal: A 26 page food journal, including top 10 nutrition tips

Learn more about the bundle here.

About Irene Pappas

Well known for her instagram account, @FitQueenIrene, Irene enjoys both a traditional practice as well as a spontaneous one. Her classes are challenging but leave you feeling excited and alive, with a new respect for the abilities of your body.

Learn more about Irene here.