The Strength Intelligence Bundle by Meghan Currie will teach you how to move, flow, hold, and fly with grace. By the end of the two-part series you will have the strength to maintain control, balance and grace while flowing through transitional poses, backbending, or while inverted.

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Included in the Strength Intelligence Bundle:

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Announcing the True Strength & Inversions bundle by Dylan Werner & Patrick Beach!

Train your body to defy gravity, develop holistic strength, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with this yoga bundle – the first of it’s kind.

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Included in the True Strength & Inversions Bundle:

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Bring the beach into your living room this fall! The Beach Yoga Body Bundle combines three programs to work in harmony to develop and build you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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Included in the Beach Yoga Body Bundle:

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This Yoga Bootcamp Bundle is a two-month long program that’s progressive in nature, and includes two plans at different intensity levels. No equipment is required. Just your willingness to learn, burn, and sweat!

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Included in the Yoga Bootcamp Bundle

  • 30-Day Yoga Bootcamp: This first phase is intended for beginners, where we will build the foundation of your strength and flexibility
  • 30-Day Yoga Bootcamp 2: This second phase will help you take it to the next level. The workouts are longer, more intense, and will leave you sweaty and out of breath!
  • Bonus! Nutrition Tips & Food Journal: A 26 page food journal, including top 10 nutrition tips

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About Irene Pappas

Well known for her instagram account, @FitQueenIrene, Irene enjoys both a traditional practice as well as a spontaneous one. Her classes are challenging but leave you feeling excited and alive, with a new respect for the abilities of your body.

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In Beach Yoga Slimdown, Kerri gives you everything you need to help you lose weight, eliminate stress, anxiety, and food cravings.

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About Beach Yoga Slimdown:

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explore launch

Today we are excited to announce “Explore“, a new section of our website that allows users to easily browse our fitness plans by category type, coach, or bundle.

Now you can see all Cody has to offer in a clean, beautiful  layout. All of our plans, bundles, and coaches are listed in a few easy-to-browse pages.  Discovering the perfect plan for you has never been easier!

Start exploring now.

The Functional Barbell Strength bundle by Krissy Cagney is designed to bridge the gap between Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting.

What’s the difference?

  • Power lifts are extremely heavy, low-velocity movements. It’s believed that power lifts are best used for developing muscle strength.
  • Olympic lifts are high-velocity movements that train for explosive power. These lifts are best for developing power output & speed.

Included in the Functional Barbell Strength bundle:

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Announcing the launch of Yoga Bootcamp, a new plan by Irene Pappas!

This bootcamp combines the best of yoga, core work, and high intensity interval training into a month long plan that will transform your body and chase away those end-of-summer blues.

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Included in Yoga Bootcamp:

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This bundle is a must-have if you are serious about improving your Olympic Lifts, and are constantly reaching for bigger PRs. Each plan in the bundle will diagnose and fix faults in your footwork, extension, and finish of your lifts.

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About Faults & Fixes for Olympic Weightlifting

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Close your eyes and touch your finger to your nose. Were you successful? That’s due to proprioception: your ability to sense where your limbs are, and how much strength is being exerted.

The True Strength Bundle by Dylan Werner is a complete, 3-part series that will help you develop the proprioception required to master body control, balance, and spacial orientation.

Included in the True Strength Yoga Bundle

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