Announcing Barre Sculpt, a new plan by LA Lakers dancer Jacquelyn Umof! This month-long plan will tone and sculpt your entire body with challenging ballet-inspired workouts.

Preview the plan here.

About Barre Sculpt:

Work out like a dancer! You’ll strengthen your arms, abs and legs with small, rhythmic movements all while having a lot of fun! In addition to building long, lean muscles, you’ll also increase endurance as well as improve your mind/body connection by bringing a newfound awareness to your fitness routine. No studio equipment required!

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About Jacquelyn Umof:

Jacquelyn is a classically trained ballerina and has danced professionally for LINES Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and later went on to be a Laker Girl for the Los Angeles Lakers. Jacquelyn took her love of dance and brought it into fitness. She is certified in Barre, Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Personal Training, and lives a holistic lifestyle.

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In our culture full of “fitspiration” that more often incites jealousy rather than inspiration, it can be hard to practice self-love. We reached out to some of our favorite yoga instructors to see what they had to say about self-love, self confidence, compassion, and acceptance.

Kerri Verna

“No matter what – you are worth it. You matter. Every child was placed on earth with intention. Never believe the lie that you are not good enough or unworthy. Just put in the work to achieve your dreams and you will. Turn over everything and surrender … Control can be the enemy of our soul. Allow yourself to be guided, allow yourself to be loved, and just let go.”

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Committing to a yoga studio membership is an important milestone in every yoga practitioner’s life, and can be a pivotal turning point in the trajectory of your practice. While you may have previously dabbled with the studio classes offered at your local gym, or the sporadic free YouTube yoga video, if you’re ready to get serious about advancing your practice, this means picking the right yoga studio for you.

Here is a simple breakdown of the most common types of yoga studios to help you decide what kind of yoga practice you would benefit most from. Continue Reading…

Announcing the Beginner Yoga Strength Bundle, by Dylan Werner! This two-part program is the best way for a beginner or intermediate yogi to bring strength and control while learning how to properly engage and recruit muscle into your emerging Yoga practice.

Preview the Beginner Yoga Strength Bundle here.

Included in the Beginner Yoga Strength Bundle:

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Announcing Rise: Strength Starter, a new plan by Diane Fu and Andrea Ager!

Lift. Rise. Repeat. This plan will develop solid base strength, establish quality movement, and undeniably raise the bar on your functional fitness and Olympic-style lifts.

Preview the plan here.

About Rise: Strength Starter

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Yoga festivals are taking the world by the storm, and we’ve taken the time to sniff out some of the best yoga festivals in the world to help you decide which to attend! Whether you want to stay local, or fly to a destination far off the beaten path, this list of Top 20 Yoga Festivals around the World will get you there.

Please note: While this list is numbered, the festivals are shown in no particular order. We picked the best 20 festivals in the world but did not specifically rank them. The numbers are here to help us keep track of how many are in the collection, and this collection may expand over time. Enjoy!

Top 20 Yoga Festivals from Around the World:

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Announcing the Powerful Medicine Bundle by Meghan Currie!

Meghan designed this bundle to help you connect with your own ability to heal and cleanse your body, to balance your mind, to stabilize and harmonize, and to access the natural power that you are.

Preview the Powerful Medicine Bundle here.

Included in the Powerful Medicine Bundle:

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Ah, the dating game. If you are on the market looking for love, doing the mating dance is both incredibly exhilarating and totally horrendous. Dating in the 21st century has become fraught with social confusion and technological interference. However, if you’ve made it past two dates with a promising prospect we have the perfect third date for you: AcroYoga Class.

Why AcroYoga makes for the perfect third date:

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Announcing Smooth & Free, a new yoga plan by Carling Harps! This yoga plan is all about feeling good, honoring your body, and exploring your Yoga practice.

Preview the Smooth & Free Yoga plan here.

About Smooth & Free:

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Announcing Next Level Core, a new yoga plan by Patrick Beach! Core strength is more than just having a ripped six-pack – it’s about having control, stability and balance. That is exactly what Patrick will teach you in this plan! (The six-pack is just a bonus.)

Preview Next Level Core here.

About Next Level Core:

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