yogi-personality-quizWondering which famous yogi you jive most with? Take our quiz to see who you are most similar to in body, mind, & spirit!

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We know, we know, yoga is not about “labels”. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to accurately describe your skill level, especially when it can help you choose the right yoga classes, instructors, or workshops.

Am I an Intermediate or Advanced Yogi?

It is important to note that the line between intermediate and advanced can be very fuzzy. In general, your skill level in yoga transcends the poses themselves and is mainly about your focus on the inside. Continue Reading…

Announcing the Art of Gymnastics Bundle, by Olympic Gymnast Dave Durante! This bundle is the perfect introduction for any fitness enthusiast or aspiring gymnast to learn foundational gymnastics movements and establish serious body-weight strength.

Preview the Art of Gymnastics Bundle here.

Included in the Art of Gymnastics Bundle

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Announcing The Sequence Bundle, by Briohny Smyth! This three-part bundle is designed to give you skills and instructions to perform Briohny’s sequence in Q by Equinox’s “The Contortionist” viral video.

Preview the Sequence Bundle here.

Included in The Sequence Bundle:

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Announcing Yoga Basics Bundle, by MacKenzie Miller & Caitlin Turner. Have you ever wanted to give Yoga a try, but you feel intimidated? Do you have a friend you’d like to give the gift of yoga? This fun and approachable bundle is the perfect introduction.

Preview the Yoga Basics Bundle here.

Included in the Yoga Basics Bundle

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easy yoga poses for instagram

Is your Instagram account in need of some beautiful yoga photos… but you’re not quite “there yet” when it comes to pulling pro poses like Scorpion? No worries! Here are some yoga poses that are stunningly beautiful and stunningly easy for your Instagram.

5 Easy Yoga Poses for Beautiful Instagram Photos

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Announcing Wild & Free, a new yoga plan by the much-loved Meghan Currie!

You are your best self when you can be wild and free! These classes were created to help challenge your self-imposed boundaries and embrace yourself with unabashed acceptance.

Learn more about Wild & Free here.

About Wild & Free

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Introducing Offline Video Access for iOS users!

We are phenomenally excited to announce that Cody members can now use our iOS app to download training videos and watch with no Internet connection required!

Offline video access has always been our most-requested feature and we have been working hard to make it a reality for you. With offline videos, your videos become truly mobile. Anywhere in the world you take your iPhone or iPad becomes a place to practice.

For our worldly travelers, you can now bring your practice to your destination, no matter how remote. For those with spotty internet or data plans, you can now download your training once and play your videos as many times as you want with no future buffering needed.

We designed this video download feature to be kind to your mobile devices: You can download an entire plan, or just one workout, with a single tap. Download sizes are indicated to help manage space on your device, and downloading defaults to Wi-Fi networks (but you also have the option to download using mobile data too!). Additionally, we took care to compress our videos so that a 30-minute video is typically only 100MB.

Look for the “Downloads” button in your “Training” tab where you can manage your offline videos all in one place.  Pause, delete, or resume in-progress downloads at your convenience.

Last but not least: Android users don’t fret! We will be rolling out offline video access for Android devices in the next few weeks as well.

Go ahead and update the app on your iPhone or iPad, and give the downloading feature a whirl!

socially acceptable behaviors yoga

For those uninitiated to the basic yoga class, not knowing what is or isn’t socially acceptable can be a source of unnecessary stress. It’s perfectly normal to be self-conscious in new environments, but don’t let your fear of social awkwardness keep you out of the yoga studio! To quell possible anxieties, here are some common social Dos & Don’ts for your first few yoga classes.

Socially Acceptable Behaviors in Yoga Class:

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diversity of yoga

Let’s be real for a moment: Yoga in westernized countries has an image problem. It has a bikini-wearing, lemon-water-cleansing, size-zero, under-butt and side-boob revealing image problem. Type in “yoga” to any search engine, and your screen will be awash in images of lithe, model-esque twenty-somethings.

While there is nothing wrong with pictures of pretty yoginis, the vast under-representation of all other types of yoga practitioners (photogenic or not) in the media can make some feel like yoga is not for “people like me”.

At Cody we believe representation matters, which is why we put together this post to showcase the beautiful diversity of yoga.

The Diversity of Yoga

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