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Welcome to our weekly YouTube series, Ask a Cody Coach! This week Jessamyn Stanley answers the question, “How can someone with a larger body get started with yoga?”

Do you have your own fitness questions for our coaches? Please comment on this YouTube episode with your fitness questions, and our coaches will do their best to answer them! We will have new episodes every Saturday, featuring a different Cody coach every week!

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Bring new life into your body with the Expand Your Practice Bundle by Patrick Beach and Carling Harps! Now is your chance to build and deepen your practice through challenging vinyasa and restorative flows.

For the next 90 days, Patrick and Carling will guide you on a journey to understand your body, strengthen your core, advance your inversions, re-center, and create space for your practice to grow. Check out their free preview class here to make sure this plan is right for you!

Included in the Expand Your Practice Bundle

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Pilates to lengthen, barre to strengthen, yoga to stretch and restore! Introducing Ashley Kanter’s Pilates Slimdown: By focusing on under-used and under-developed muscles, these workouts create length and strength while challenging your body to move in ways it isn’t used to!

Ready to try Pilates Slimdown? Check out the free preview class.

About Pilates Slimdown:

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Yoga meets crosstraining. Work hard and find softness with CoreFit, by MacKenzie Miller.

You can build strength across your entire body and improve your endurance and stamina: Check out this free preview class to see how you can build muscle and see improvements on the mat!

About CoreFit:

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how to downward dog

With photos featuring Meghan Currie

Downward Dog pose shows up in a variety of yoga classes – why not try to get the most out of this restorative pose? Down Dog – or Adho Mukha Svanasana – is the root of Sun Salutations as it is a strengthening, lengthening and restorative yoga pose that offers many benefits. No matter the sport – yoga, weight lifting, running, or cycling – downward dog is a great compliment.

Never done yoga before? No big deal! This article will give you the tools you need to practice this crucial pose.

The Benefits of Downward Dog:

  1. Downward Dog is an inversion pose, meaning your head hangs upside down and below your heart. Inversion poses reverse the effects of gravity on the upper body, and increase blood flow to the brain. Increasing blood flow to the brain in an inversion pose reduces pressure on the heart, improves brain function, and reduces anxiety & depression.
  2. The pull & push nature of Downward Dog strengthens bones & prevents osteoporosis.
  3. Downward Dog lengthens and straightens the spine, relieving back pain.
  4. It is a whole-body stretch!

Downward Dog: How-To

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This guest post was written courtesy of Kris Carlos.

If you have ever been to a yoga class, you’ve probably gathered that every pose has a name that tends to describe the physical nature of the asana… yes, you look like a cat when you arch your back into marjariasana. This can make it easier to remember what to do for each pose, but have you ever thought about what else these names imply about their poses? For example, kurmasana, or tortoise pose, is all about focusing mental energy inward as you physical fold inward, much like a tortoise turns inward to recharge or retreat. Read on, as I dive deeper into the meanings behind a few favorite animal asanas to discover your true spirit animal, and what it may reveal about your personality.  Continue Reading…

TheFlowLife is a lifestyle that embraces the practice of yoga every day. Let’s start livingTheFlowLife together! Join Seattle lululemon ambassadors Adrienne Kimberley, Elvis Garcia and Casey Petersen in an exploration of your body, your mind and your yoga mat.

Go ahead and try a free TheFlowLife yoga class here!

About TheFlowLife

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Feel the burn! Announcing Mat Pilates Level 2, by Kristin McGee. Mat Pilates is one of the oldest and most proven methods of developing core strength and stability.

You can try a free Pilates preview class here!

About Mat Pilates Level 2:

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Yoga should be accessible to everybody of all shapes and sizes, and this breakout plan by our newest coach, Jessamyn Stanley, makes that possible. Announcing EveryBody Yoga, a yoga plan which Jessamyn programmed to reflect how she wished studios had structured their classes when she first started Yoga.

You can try a free preview yoga class here!

About EveryBody Yoga:

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Learn to skillfully incorporate inversions into your Vinyasa with Flystrong II, a new plan by Dylan Werner!

FlyStrong II is a skill-building plan that will give you a technical understanding of body mechanics and will have direct application to your Yoga practice.

You can try a free 12-minute preview class here!

About FlyStrong II:

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