Announcing True Flexibility, a new yoga plan by Dylan Werner! With this plan, you will realize your body’s full potential by unlocking your true flexibility. You will learn use your whole muscle instead of just a fraction of it so that you’re not hindered by tightness, resistance, or poor mobility.

About True Flexibility

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Announcing the launch of the Advanced True Strength Bundle, a new bundle by Dylan Werner!

About the Advanced True Strength Bundle

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Fresh Start: Morning Yoga with Irene Pappas – Mornings are generally a miserable time for most people. A survey found that 14% of adults have even broken up with someone, or had someone break up with them, because of their zombie-like state in the morning.

If you’re one of those morning grumps, we have just the thing for you!

Fresh Start: Morning Yoga

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Learn Hip Hop Choreography by Misha Gabriel: Need some new moves for da club? Dreaming of winning an epic street dance-off? Maybe you just want to impress your girl with some smooth moves. Any reason is a good reason to dance, and we have the perfect thing for you!

Announcing the launch of Learn Hip-Hop Choreography, a new plan by Misha Gabriel!

About the plan: Learn Hip-Hop Choreography

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Be Strong Bundle by Kino MacGregor: This 21-day series will build your physical and mental strength to reach past your self-imposed limits and rise out of your comfort zone to meet challenges with grace, resolve, and focus. Within this bundle lies the keys to the castle of spiritual and physical strength.

Preview the Be Strong bundle here.

Included in the Be Strong bundle:

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Announcing Advanced True Strength, a new plan by Dylan Werner!

About Advanced True Strength

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Core Intelligence with Meghan Currie: In this month-long course you will learn to activate the intelligence of your core and harness its strength. This will open the channels between your upper and lower hemispheres, and you will experience more fluid, balanced transitions in your flows.

Preview Core Intelligence here.

About Core Intelligence

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Ultimate Yoga Shred for Weight Loss by Sadie Nardini is a 14-day workout plan mixes high intensity “Shred” days and aerobic-style yoga classes to encourage weight loss, hormonal balance, and strength-building.

Preview the plan here.

About Ultimate Yoga Shred for Weight Loss

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Announcing the Body & Spirit Yoga Bootcamp Bundle by Kerri Verna & Irene Pappas! This bundle features yoga-influenced workouts that challenge you to focus on both your physical and spiritual self.

Included in the Body & Spirit Yoga Bootcamp Bundle:

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This 10-day Be Strong yoga series with Kino MacGregor is an exploration of both the physical and the spiritual. The strength of Be Strong is not just brute force or muscular ability, it is about inner harmony and balance.

Preview Be Strong here.

About Be Strong:

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